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DRR-P is developed for the need of a small and light power supply. It is equipped with digital displays for Voltage (V) and current (A). The Voltage and current can be easily adjusted by the two individual potentiometers at the front of the service charger.


Main Features

  • Freely adjustable current limit
  • Simulate a battery when fault finding on a charger
  • Assist to start charger when battery is deeply discharged
  • Voltage and current levels to be read from clear displays
  • Power supply from 0 - 120V and 10A
  • Disulphate sulphated batteries
  • Save batteries that have been discharged for long time
  • Freely adjustable voltage limit


With the low weight of 1.6kg and small dimension, it is very useful in ervice workshops and by service technician who works with batteries, chargers and forklift trucks.