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Battery Water System


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EasyFill Electric Water Filling System (TEFAD-22) is a 22 Litres mobile electric water filling system mounted with 2 stages ASAHI DI water filtration system consisting of a pair of 10" Mix Bed filters. It consists of two de-ionization housings that are replaceable (or refillable) cartridges that simply slide into the watertight tubes. The entire unit is mounted on a powder-coated, rust-resistant rolling cart that makes it convenient to move into position and store away when finished.

Just filled the water tank with tap water, DI water will be produced when the tap water is been pump through the 2 stages ASAHI DI water filtration system.

Mobile and automatic pump system - This mobile system can be used for topping up deionized water into the battery.


★ Interchangeable filling device: The high-quality stainless steel water gun and BFS couple can be interchangeable to meet the different systems.

★ Ergonomic design: Product design consideration with the ergonomic concept. Handle and overall height of the device not only reduces fatigue but also facilitate easy movement.

★Safety & Convenience-TPF12 is made of high-quality PE material and the user can clearly see the liquid remaining capacity through the transparent container, allowing you to replenish deionized water.


12Vdc charger at provided for charging the battery.


Replacement free of charge if there is a quality problem within one year!

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